OnStash - Utilization and Calculation Manager (UCM)
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With the OnStash Utilization and Calculation Manager (UCM) you can keep track of all product usage of your IT-Services and simplify your billing and license reporting.


  • Creation of dynamic product templates with pricing
  • Automated collection of product usage from all servers
  • Very flexible reading of product data (Powershell, VMWare Vim, API Requests, SSH/CMD)
  • Export of product usage data in Excel / PDF format
  • Customers can view their current product usage
  • Statistical data on cost-benefit accounting, application surveys and service development
  • Open REST API for linking to your ERP system for automated billing and contracting

The Application

OnStash UCM provides an overview of the use of IT services (usage-based services) and automates the collection of all relevant usage data. The collected data is assigned to the customers and used for license notifications, invoicing or statistical purposes.


It uses a variety of methods to read usage data (e.g., PowerShell, VMWare Vim, API requests, SSH/CMD) so that virtually all services can be captured. No matter what products you offer, whether complete virtual machines, single Exchange mailboxes, online backup, remote desktops, file manager, infrastructure or telephony and much more.


All data and information for customer invoices and contracts are automatically calculated. The collected data can be collected directly from your ERP system through our REST API.


Statistical data on cost-benefit accounting, application surveys, etc. are recorded and graphically displayed.

OnStash Utilization and Calculation Manager


Cloud Service Provider


You offer your customers cloud services using a variety of products such as Microsoft Exchange, VMWare and Hyper-V. Then you probably know the problem to adjust your current contracts and invoices to the usage data of your customers. You must also report parts of this data to the manufacturers of the products so that they can calculate the appropriate number of licenses for you. All this annoying work can be handled by OnStash UCM and converted into an automated process.

Organization with central IT


You work in the IT department of a larger company and operate servers on which a variety of products such as Microsoft Exchange, VMWare and Hyper-V are running. It is costly to keep track of all usage data for these products. You can use UCM to keep track of your used licenses. In addition, you can connect Branches or Departments of your IT Services to automatically calculate Dependencies.


  • Windows 7 / Server 2008 or larger/higher
  • .Net Framework 4.5
ONSTASH Utilization and Calculation Manager (UCM)