OnStash - Drive (DRV)
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With OnStash Drive (DRV), you can automatically integrate WebDAV and CIFS drives.

It simplifies access to cloud storage and file servers


  • Manage a large number of network drives
  • Save login credentialsv to reconnect later
  • Automatic connection at system startup or return from the energy saving mode
  • Disconnect and Reconnect all drives with a single click
  • Easy distribution via software distribution with stored connections

The Application

Have WebDAV and CIFS drives automatically integrated.
OnStash Drive simplifies access to cloud storage and file servers.

You can decide when the network drives should be available and
especially which you need right now, without entering your login data every time.

Selected drives are automatically connected at system startup. All others can be connected as needed with just one click in the user interface.


Frequently switching to power-saving mode (for example when working on a laptop) often causes problems with network drives. OnStash Drive regularly checks the connectivity of the drives and automatically reconnects them if necessary.

OnStash Drive always stays in the background. Only when there are problems with the connection (for which a user interaction is absolutely necessary) it comes to the foreground.


Separate profiles allow each user of a PC to assemble their own list of network drives. The access data are protected against theft by the latest security standards and can only be accessed by owner of the windows account.


Cloud Service Provider


You are a provider of a central file storage solution using WebDAV. Then OnStash DRV can provide your customers with a convenient and secure way to access your cloud storage mediums with Windows network drives. With the Whitelable Option, OnStash DRV fits seamlessly into your product design. Talk to us to learn more about our dedicated cloud service provider licensing model.

Companies with branch offices and field staff with VPN access


When needed your employees will join your company network to access internal file servers? With OnStash DRV, your employees can always connect the drives with a mouse click once the connection is made. This increases the acceptance of your solution and simplifies the workflow of your colleagues. You can also integrate Sharepoint document libraries as a Windows drive with OnStash DRV.

You work with cloud storage like OneDrive or OwnCloud?


Then you can use OnStash DRV to automatically integrate a Windows drive to your cloud storage via WebDAV without having to enter your password every time. You can therefore access your files directly from Windows Explorer and from applications such as Microsoft Word etc.


  • Windows 7 / Server 2008 or larger/higher
  • .Net Framework 4.5