OnStash - Active Directory Password Syncer (APS)
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With the OnStash Active Directory Syncer (APS) you can easily and reliably synchronize passwords between multiple Active Directories.


  • Synchronization of AD users passwords and properties
  • High security standard through SSL connections and RSA signatures
  • Fast, selective synchronization by directly responding to AD changes
  • Schedule for full syncs
  • Flexible configuration of detected and ignored users
  • Multi-tenant even on individual servers
  • Graphical Interface for user-friendly configuration
  • White-Label

You are a cloud provider of Active Directory based services like Remote Desktop or Exchange


Then you can upgrade your services with OnStash APS and offer your customers the ability to securely synchronize user data from the customer’s Active Directory to yours

You are responsible for your network in your company


During migrations or acquisitions of entire companies, OnStash APS helps keep the user passwords and user attributes in sync.

The Application

Whenever users access data or services in separate Active Directories OnStash APS helps your users or customers to only remember one password.


OnStash APS synchronizes passwords and selected attributes between separate Active Directories. This is done via https and is thus also possible over long distances and over the Internet.

OnStash APS automatically takes over the credentials and properties of the AD users, synchronizes them and, if necessary, synchronizes them with other AD servers. Synchronization occurs between two completely separate ADs in independent domains. Instantaneous distribution of password changes in your AD infrastructure is possible by directly responding to AD events. In addition, a fixed schedule for full syncs can be created. Synchronization can be done over a tap-proof connection using HTTPS for more security.


Digital signatures protect the system from unauthorized entry of passwords. The signature certificates are individually configurable for each client and guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the synchronization data..


Cloud Service Provider


You are a cloud provider and provide a server in your datacenter for your customer. The customer and his staff want to access the in-house domain as well as the cloud in the data center through various devices. In order for the users to be able to use the same access data for logging on, synchronization between the cloud (Active Directory) and the company-internal server (Active Directory) is required.

Corporate Merger


When two companies merge, there are usually two separate Active Directories in the corporate network. A complete Migration usually means a yearlong project. With OnStash APS, the user information and passwords in both ADs are synchronized and users only have to remember one password. The configuration can be completed in just a few minutes.


  • Windows 7 / Server 2008 or larger/higher
  • .Net Framework 4.5
ONSTASH Active Directory Password Syncer (APS)